The Positive Corrective Action (PCA) application solves the common struggles of inconsistent processes, oversight and disconnects that occur when managing employee compliance challenges. The software solves these challenges so leadership and senior staff can focus on advancing culture, team building, efficiencies, and cost effectiveness!

Simple & ProActive Process

PCA is easy to use and, most importantly, it is the only system that allows for a proactive approach to employee corrective actions.

Connects Your Team

PCA works interactively with the organization's staff to ensure all involved with personnel coaching, discipline and appeal actions are working together to achieve desired results.

Consistent Communications

PCA provides for clear, consistent communications and processes that aligned with the organization's policies and SOP's

Pre-defined Routing

Routing of documents and approvals are pre-defined by your Team. Every step and document are time stamped.


Provides your organization with real time data so that every action is managed pro-actively.  You will also gain visibility to identify developing trends.

Reduced Costs

Eliminate time spent on cumbersome manual processes and identify developing trends before they become an organizational drain and liability



Improved Union Relations.

Your Unions will appreciate the attention to detail and thorough documentation provided by PCA.  The focus is on developing better employees and achieving success. Reduced grievances benefits all!

Reduced Litigation.

All of the PCA features support fewer employee related litigations.  This saves your company valuable time and money.


How PCA Compares to Software Currently on the Market.

Comp Table

*Data based on reviews of current software offering specifically related to managing corrective actions.  Info may change and may not be reflected here. Some software allows for custom options however that customization is typically very expensive and future software updates can require additional costs.

PCA is the only software on the market today that focuses completely on managing employee corrective action processes.  Other solutions focus more on the hiring, compensation, review and networking processes - all of which are important too.  We believe that employees are your greatest asset and by pro-actively ensuring they are performing their best - providing for clear, consistent communication that aligns completely with the organization's policies and/or SOPs, the organization will be more efficient, with improved moral - all of which will enable more time to thrive and achieve strategic objectives without distraction.

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